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Orane Williams is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, World Traveler, and Aspiring Author with a deep-rooted passion for youth advocacy. His mission in life is to empower our up-and-coming generation and ultimately create a ripple effect of positive change in their lives. Purchasing his very first home in his early 20s, he also strives to educate the youth on the ins and outs of financial prosperity.

All his hard work, perseverance, and drive has culminated into the entrepreneurial venture, BrandU Motivations, LLC. He also co-authored a motivational book entitled “Boys to Men: The Guide for African American Boys.” Additionally, he was the opening speaker at the 2018 NABA Southern Regional Student Conference. Various other international speaking engagements are on the horizon.

In addition to his extensive leadership experience throughout the years, Orane holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from William Paterson University of New Jersey.

Outside of his business and traveling across the globe, you can find Orane Williams cooking unique dishes. He is also a spin and fitness enthusiast. Reading is another pastime that helps him improve as a businessman and youth advocate (one of his favorite books is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”).

Orane's Impact

2500 +

Students Impacted

150 +


50 +

Cities Spoken In


Mission Inspire Others


High School

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College and University is the time when students feel most freedom but may require additional assistance during this time of transition into adulthood
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Young professionals are excited to jump start their careers and are looking to excel in all areas.
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Orane Williams has a unique balance of personality, professionalism and humor that engages all those who are fortunate to participate in his empowerment programming.

Dr. Daniel Jean - EOF Director Montclair State University

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