Hey, what’s up everyone? This is Orane Williams of BrandU Motivations. As you can see, I am in a cycle room here at my local gym but not too long ago I was very intimidated of this particular room. And some of you may be out there are intimidated of something, you may be intimidated of something with your job, intimidated to start that business, intimidated to shoot your shot at that particular person that you may be interested in.

So what got me over my intimidation was just wanting to try it out. So in trying it out, I found a good instructor who was able to really show me how to set the bike up and also he gave me great initial first class that was filled with energetic music and he was full of energy himself. So for those of you who want to give something a try, it’s probably super important that you find the right mentor to help guide you and really set you up in the right path that could get you more interested in that thing that you want to do that you are not doing, that you are intimidated to do.

So once I was able to overcome that fear of intimidation of cycle class, I began to come more and more often, therefore getting used to being on the bike,  getting used to the exercise, getting used to the cardio levels that I was able to achieve in doing something in class with that instructor. So some of you may need to get with that mentor and get to practice that particular activity that you want to do, get to practice and get ready for that promotion that you’re interested in going after. So find the right mentor to help guide you and help each you over that fear of intimidation that you might be, get you over that fear of intimidation that may be preventing you from accomplishing those things that you want to accomplish.

So this is Orane Williams with BrandU Motivations. Be sure to check out my website, www.oranewilliams.com. Thanks.


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